Resources for Quality Early Childhood Education

Families and early learning programs are partners in giving children a head start on success in school and life!  Sharing information and resources, and working together as learners ourselves,  makes us stronger allies and advocates for our children!


Resources for FAMILIES

Early Learning GPS

An online tool for families to chart their child's development from an early learning perspective.  Find answers to common questions, information about important milestones for children, and tips and tools for engaging your child in learning at any age!

Kindergarten Registration 

Curious about Kindergarten Registration in your community?  Start here to find registration dates and general information, then be sure to visit the website of the school district in which your child resides.  Kindergarten registration is important to get your child off to a great start in elementary school!  

Why DO the first five years matter, anyway?

Research helps us understand why quality early learning matters to every child, now and into the future.  Learn more about what we know, why it matters, and how we can make an impact on young children.


Resources for PROVIDERS